Linear Least Squares Regression Line Calculator - v1.1
Enter at least two XY data pairs separated by spaces.

Applied Formulas:
Best linear equation through the data point dispersion
nNumber of matching XY data pairs (at least 2)
aSlope or tangent of the angle of the regression line
bY-Intercept (y value at x=0)
Sum of all X data values
Sum of all Y data values
Sum of products of all matching XY data pairs
Sum of squares of all X data values
Sum of squares of all Y data values
Some technical details

This program was simply designed to determine only the (a, b) components of the linear equation derived from the given dual XY data columns. This version does not compute the correlation.

The value of (n), the number of data points (XY pairs), is determined by the program by simply counting the XY data pairs that were entered in the table.  You don't have to enter the value of (n).  Simply copying and pasting the data in the form of a numerical 2-column, space-delimited, X vs Y data table and clicking [Compute] is the easiest way to use the program.
The data can also be delimited by commas (,) or semicolons (:), instead of spaces.