Sphere Circumference, Surface Area and Volume

This simple program computes the basic parameters
of a sphere given its radius (R) in any linear units.

Sphere Radius= 1 unit
Circumference= 6.28318530718 units
Surface Area= 12.5663706144 units2
Volume= 4.18879020479 units3

The circumference of a sphere is:

The surface area of a sphere is:

The volume of a sphere is:

A Few Basic Definitions Applied

 pi = pi = The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter
 pi = Circumference / Diameter
 pi = 3.14159265358979324 ...
Regardless of the size (scale) of the circle, the ratio ( pi ) remains constant.

1 radian = That angle at which the length of the corresponding arc of a circle is equal to its radius.

The relationship between degrees and radians is:

Radians / Degrees  =   pi / 180

So, 1 radian = 180/ pi = 57.2957795130823° = 206264.806247096"

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